About Hannah

Hannah was born on the 8th of February (an Aquarius) in Northern Ireland. 

As a person with a packed 5th house, Hannah has loved performing and being creative all her life. She graduated from university with a degree in Travel and Tourism Management as she also possesses a fire in her stomach for travel and further knowledge. Moreover, she has a qualification in Fitness Instructing, along with a TEFL certificate. And in 2023, she completed an Advanced Certificate in Management Practice (Transformational Management in a Digital World). She has travelled to over 20 countries, whilst staying and working in 3. Between travel and residing in her home country, Hannah has worked in the retail, hospitality and financial industries. 

In 2016, Hannah returned to her home city of Belfast to focus on her passion, Astrology. She has been studying Astrology extensively ever since and has created over 800 YouTube videos about the information she has found. And since starting the "Hannah's Elsewhere" business, she has completed 750+ readings for clients. Hannah can identify common patterns and themes within every birth chart she reads so they can be brought to the awareness of the individual. Self awareness is a big part of Hannah's delivery.