About Hannah's Elsewhere

Hannah was born on the 8th of February 1992 in Belfast, Northern Ireland (an Aquarius). She is the youngest of 5 older siblings (2 Scorpio brothers, an Aquarius, Virgo and Taurus sister).

As a person with her Aquarius Sun in the 5th house, along with Mars, Mercury and Saturn - Hannah has loved performing all her life. She went onto graduate university with a degree in Travel and Tourism, as she also possesses a fire in her stomach for travel (Jupiter conjunct AC / Sagittarius IC). She also has a qualification in Fitness Instructing (Level 2) along with a TEFL certificate (150 hours). Hannah has travelled to 26 countries, whilst living and working in 3 (USA, Australia and Canada). Between travel and residing in her home country, Hannah has worked within the Retail Industry for 2 years, the Hospitality Industry for over 4 years, as well as within the Financial Industry for over 2 years.

In 2016, after living abroad, Hannah returned to her home city of Belfast to focus on her new found passion, Astrology. She has been studying Astrology extensively ever sense, and has made over 450 YouTube videos about the information she has found. Now, offering private readings for clients, Hannah is able to establish common patterns and themes within each birth chart she reads, so that they can be brought to the awareness of the individual.

She is also greatly interested in the unconscious mind, and has made a series on her YouTube channel addressing the Psychology behind the Zodiac Signs. Due to intense enthusiasm for learning all things psychological, she certainly does not shy away from qualities that lurk beneath the surface. (Moon is in her 8th house, Jupiter is in her 12th house, along with Venus, Neptune and Uranus in her 4th house). She is able to dive in, investigate what's hidden, and shed light on the information she finds, bringing it to the conscious awareness of her clients.  However, Hannah also prides herself on knowing that as she grows in her knowledge of Astrology, those who watch her videos can also learn with her - to know that she is both a teacher and a student, and to accept that what her truth is, keeps evolving and progressing. She accepts that she doesn't know everything and that she is always learning just like every other person.

Hannah is an Aspiring Practical Astrologer with the intention of providing practical advice to her clients and to those who tune into her YouTube videos. She grounds Astrology in a constructive way, as she seeks to help humanity see that every Zodiac Sign exists within them. It is through her persistence and self-discipline that she is slowly building upon a platform that can help others in both practical and realistic ways. 

Travel Photos

Peyto Lake, Canada
Los Angeles, USA
Sahara Desert, Morocco
Cappadocia, Turkey
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
Uxmal, Mexico