Terms & Conditions

Please read before Booking!

  • To purchase a reading, the buyer must be over 16 years old. However, the receiver of the reading must be over 18 years old.  
  • All readings are confidential. 
  • Once your order has been sent, please make sure to check your JUNK EMAIL FOLDER for a confirmation from Hannah, just in case.
  • Client to place an order/book a reading by providing their birth information, current location and preferred pronouns. They are also free to ask any questions they may have, as well as 1 Follow Up Question after the reading (via email).
  • After sending information for a reading, the client must allow Hannah 48 hours to contact the client in order to retrieve payment - Payments are made via PayPal and are a set price (which includes transfer fees & VAT).
  • After the payment has been made via PayPal, the reading has officially been purchased and booked. The length/time of the reading will be confirmed, as well as the delivery date.
  • Once the client has purchased, booked and confirmed their reading, the purchase is non-refundable, unless the reading has not been delivered by the date confirmed.
  • If booking a Live or In Person Consultation, the client must correctly provide their birth information and let Hannah know if they have any questions. If the client cannot attend their session, they must give Hannah 48 hours notice so the session can be rescheduled. Failure to give notice means the session will need to be rebooked. The payment for the session will also be non-refundable. If for whatever reason Hannah cannot attend the session, Hannah must give 48 hours notice and the booking can be rescheduled. Any later than this, the client will be refunded and another booking can be made. 
  • If booking a 'Synastry/Composite Chart Reading' (a couple reading), the client must have permission from their significant other before booking. This reading is not for those who are lawfully married and/or interested in a third party. 
  • Synastry/Composite Readings can also be used for other types of relationships such as Parent/Child relationships, Friendships or Business Partnerships. Please specify when booking.
  • The House Systems Hannah uses are Whole Sign, Placidus and Equal House. Hannah will use Whole Sign by default, but it's up to the client to specify otherwise. You can also request a different house system if you wish.
  • Recorded readings will be unlisted on a separate YouTube Channel where the client can view it as many times as they like, or up until the unlikely event that YouTube takes the video down for whatever reason. The link for the reading will ONLY be sent to the Client. The client may also request a file of the reading which will be sent via OneDrive. A copy of the chart/s used will be sent to the client for reference.
  • When booking a Zoom Consultation, the client must have a good internet connection. They will also receive a recorded version of their session. 
  • When booking an In Person Consultation, the client must meet Hannah within the Belfast City Centre area. A location will be arranged. The client will also receive an emailed copy of their chart. 
  • All readings will be completed with the clients understanding that if they enter/send the incorrect birth information, the reading will not be refunded. The client's birth information cannot be changed after the reading has been started. In the case of a consultation, the client must let Hannah know of any birth information changes before the session begins.
  • Returning customers are eligible to receive 10% off "recorded 1 hour readings". 
  • Readings are completed with the understanding that the client has free will, and is responsible for their actions after receiving their reading.
  • The client can email Hannah with any questions or concerns, *but no other services are provided until advertised.