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"Hannah provided a compassionate reading, filled with in-depth descriptions of each of my most prominent placements. She takes her time chronologically laying out how each placement connects to the next, whilst describing what that may look like in your life. Her words are not only visual, but impressively logical, and passionate. I really needed a 3rd party perspective to help me reflect on who I really wanted to be, and she was an uplifting source of help. You can see her imagination explore all the crevices of your life using the measurements Astrology provides her. It was a pleasure to listen to her lively, entertaining, yet precise and rational feedback." 

Swoosy Lee - Taurus

"Hannah touched my heart. She told me things about my parents and my childhood like I couldn't imagine she would be able to do.

It took me years to understand and accept some dramatic situations in my past and she gave me also the help to understand why I tend to suppress my emotions and how to manage my self expression in relationships.

I'm now starting to please more of my needs and also discriminating the time and the energies I give free to others.

Hannah described so well my carrier choices and fields, where I have my best qualities and skills.

She got me completely!

I did not ask her about that area and she gave me so many clues and I feel on the right path about my future job!

Thank you Hannah, your help is the one I needed right now."

Gaia - Libra

"She provided insights and made connections I just wasn't able to make myself. I spent several weeks where I just researched what my positions meant but I couldn't see the big picture and put everything together, which your reading was able to do. It was very apparent that she truly cared about giving insights that could generate a life altering perspective. The reading also gave some clarity and understanding to my confusion about life in general and what my particular mission could be. It also helped me understand who my authentic self is, which focused my energy which was previous scattered by what other people's ideals were.
I just wanted to thank you, I've taken a bunch of other life purpose courses and listened to many spiritual philosophies but they were all impersonal and clouded with that person's ideals, whereas this was much more effective in showing me what I should do." 

Daniel - Leo

"My Hannah Elsewhere experience was beyond phenomenal. Hannah is very friendly, authentic, honest, and very professional. She delivers her reading within the time frame she gives to you via email, and she updates you if there are any changes. In her adorable introductory clip prior to beginning the reading, she makes an effort to refer to you by name making the reading even more personalized and comfortable. At the beginning of the reading she briefly goes over your chart dominants - which was greatly appreciated. During the reading, she explains everything in a way that ALWAYS makes sense and always refers specific placements for further understanding. Hannah tells it how it is, honoring the truth in the chart (to which she also provides and shows while presenting her knowledge). I would like to make a note that she answers all your questions you have before AND after. I emailed her after i watched my reading a couple of times with comments, questions, and concerns. Not only did she answer with speed, but she answered every single part of my email. Ending the reading, she briefly summarizes about an hour worth of information and personally thanks you and she hope that you can or have benefited from the reading. You an tell she not only knows what she's doing, but she cares about it as well. I respect her and her work very much. She was superb. She has shared 2 readings with me already and I HIGHLY recommend others to take part in this experience. I will be back for more readings. You will not regret it."

Anastasia - Pisces

"The reading I received had many layers of information and helpfulness for me to absorb. She has an amazing intuition and kept talking to the specifics I wanted to hear about my chart but did not know of until she spoke them.
She was thorough and to the point and worth every pound! Thank you Hannah!" 

Tommy - Cancer

"Her reading and explanation of my chart help me more than you know. I was quite amazed how much it actually explained my personality and emotions. My husband and I own a dental clinic and I had been just pouring every ounce of my soul into work. I was spiritually, emotionally, and physically worn out. I find it extremely difficult to relax even when I am allowed too.

My fatal flaw is perfectionism and I am hard on myself. Her reading helped me decide what to do in my life at this moment. I needed to fill empty cups with spirit and happy emotion and rest. I had been debating about cutting back at work and branching out to start my own coffee/tea/Tarot reading shop. So I am in the process of researching and looking at my options. I love what I'm doing now and I feel like I'm not even working. I am excited. Her reading was a tool for me to make a life change and I thanks you, Hannah!"

Andrea - Leo

"I found Hannah's YouTube channel about a year ago. Within a couple of days, I had watched every video. I was in love! I've been studying astrology on and off for years. Last year, I finally got serious about it. Hannah is my favorite astrologer. She makes it easy to understand, and most importantly, she doesn't tell you that you're "doomed" based on certain placements. I've purchased 4 readings from Hannah, and I've learned so much from each one. Hannah encourages you to learn from your placements. Her down to earth and practical approach is encouraging and enlightening. I've also purchased her Aries book, and finished it within a few hours. Everything just clicks. I look forward to following Hannah's work while gaining my own insights."

Ginnette - Sagittarius

"Many moons ago I discovered Hannah's channel and I was blown away by her unique perspective on astrology and her deep knowledge of Taurus, and after a while I purchased three full reading for myself, my Sagittarius daughter and my Libra son. I found them to be very relatable, insightful and informative. On all three readings I felt that Hannah took special care and interest studying all three charts as she would comment and advise according to what we had talked about before hand, and would point out any connections she found between my chart and my children's charts. In regards to my children's chart reading it was like she knew them personally by what she was describing in their charts, and I was pleasantly surprised by other facts that later came to pass as they matured. Over all, I feel that Hannah is a smart, hardworking and kind hearted person that genuinely cares for others and wants to help humanity which ever way she can, be it with her channel or be it thru a chart reading. I can always trust that Hannah will have your best interest at heart. I guess you could say I'm a happy customer. :)"

Robert - Taurus

"Hannah's Birth Chart reading was like listening to a therapist tell you everything you need to know about yourself without sitting through all the sessions. She reminded me how revealing astrology can be towards your own self-care and self-discovery, and that all the answers you need are within yourself. She pointed out strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and even gave me guidance on navigating through negative subconscious patterning (8th house moon in Pisces here, so that was extremely helpful)! I've been studying astrology myself, but she pointed out even more new things about my chart that I didn't notice or previously know. At an extremely affordable rate, Hannah's readings are well worth the money. You won't regret it!"

Rebeca - Gemini

"Yes! The reading was good, everything was well explained and in depth looked in to. I liked it. Thank you Hannah."

Tadas - Aquarius

"The reading was as advertised and very thorough. Hannah did a great job at giving her interpretation of my chart and as well as following the request she let her customers add in the description when purchasing. The time and detail she put into every planet and aspect was the main treat of the reading, especially to someone (like me) who was new and had no idea where to start for zodiac signs, planets, and aspects relations in a chart. Having a the video private is another great thing about the reading and I have saved it to my YouTube playlist just in case I would like to go back and re -watch at a later time. All in all it is a great experience and for a very affordable cost. And since the payment is over Paypal you can even add a little extra tip for extra cute girls like Hannah!"

Noah - Capricorn

"The Chart reading went very well. Hannah took her time with it and I appreciate it. It was detailed and she explained it well. It was a good experience!"

Maira - Aries

"I actually just re-listened to the birth chart reading she did for me a few weeks ago! During the time she gave the reading back in November, she spoke a lot about career things coming up in 2020. I was like "huh, I don't think that really resonates." I wasn't really thinking too much about my career at that point in time. However, 2020 has been all career stuff for me and figuring out what I want to do in my life. I'm trying to also change jobs, and go back to school... I'm in yoga teacher training, etc. Re-listening to her reading was super helpful and gave me some confirmation/direction."

Taryn - Libra

"She did an excellent job. I really think she's helped me unpack what I feel strongly about and how I could apply those feelings in a positive way to help others."

Elle - Aries

"Hannah's birth chart reading was awesome. She delved into many aspects of my character which I never knew existed. Having 3 aquarius and 3 pisces placements in house 1 and 2 was something I was very unaware of but now I can see how I need to be aware of this energy. It is quite stunning how accurate the reading was, almost like it had been written centuries ago and only now am I lucky enough to discover it. I now can navigate through life with much more clarity and purpose, like a new north star. Thanks Hannah, you're a legend."

Donnie - Aquarius

"Hannah provided me with incredible insight during my birth chart reading. I had enjoyed watching Hannah's YouTube channel for some time before I bought a personal reading from her and I thought I already knew quite a bit about my birth chart... haha I was wrong! The attention to detail and amount of clarification I had from Hannah was fantastic and the reading felt very personal and one on one. Hannah is very gifted with telling your birth chart in a way that makes it feel more like a story and a journey rather than surface level, black and white descriptions of your placements. If you want to understand your chart in a more deeper and detailed way, I'd highly recommend Hannah's Elsewhere."

Jamie - Capricorn

"Hannah’s reading was well presented, and she pretty much nailed me in regard to my early childhood and more so my adolescent years. Which were with guidance and of little structure, due to family and she pointed that straight out which was hard to relive, but needed to be heard, we all have inner child issues so I thank her for this, as I have reconnected with my mother of late, challenging yes! As I'm, well let's Say at time in my life some may call middle age (Hopefully only half way) Lol. I think i know who I am, but to hear it from Hannah in the way she did, was so intriguing the insight and knowledge she has on this is amazing. I dare say through hard work by her. I couldn't be happier with the reading she did for me. And have highly recommended Hannah and shared her media work with many and will continue to do so."

Alan - Leo

"I thought the reading you gave was good. You explained in detail areas of my chart I was confused about. Also when I emailed you with a question about my chart reading, you responded right away. I wanted to hear you explain more about the degrees of my planets, but other than that it was excellent!"

Kenneth - Scorpio

"Well my first impression after the reading was that it was really well done. And I'll second that now having had the time to reflect on aspects of it a bit more. Something I found interesting was that there was a bit where you mentioned a 'shift after March' (believe it was linked to Saturn) and it was implied it would be something deeper than a personal shift. Given the state of the world since March, that particular bit stood out with me. I've actually recommended you to a few people I know who were considering getting a chart reading."

Ishan - Gemini

"The Birth Chart Reading from Hannah was very precise and sometimes I felt like she knows me even more than I know myself. She covered all the important aspects in my chart while focusing on the issue that I mentioned to her before. Furthermore she suggested me some ways of how to cope with the difficult aspects of my chart and gave me some very good advice. I can only recommend Hannah's Birth Chart Reading and I have a feeling that it isn't my last purchase from Hannah."

Eva - Cancer

"If you have been battling with yourself on which astrologer to choose, then please choose Hannah to perform your reading! She is by far the most talented, inquisitive, and insightful astrologer I have had the pleasure of dealing with. The amount of time and dedication that she puts into your reading definitely shows and you will not be disappointed. The one thing that sets her apart from the rest is her out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to astrology. For example, I used to get obsessed with certain astrological aspects especially when it came to synastry. After her reading and many YouTube videos, she has now made me rethink how astrology works. If you don't choose to purchase one of her readings than at least give her YouTube channel a try. I promise you will learn something new!"

Zachary - Capricorn

"I found Hannah's YouTube channel a while back while looking at some of the more challenging aspects of my chart and was very blown away by her unique insight and charming personality! Going through her content really drew me in deeper and got me viewing the rest of my chart, but I felt like I could benefit from a full synthesis of my entire birth day, so decided to get 2 readings done. Both recordings felt like she really put the work in. Her insights, despite knowing very little about my background, really helped explain the facets of my personality and set my sights on the more important things I should be focusing on for my own self-development and future prospects. Highly recommended for those who are into self-improvement and want a deeper dive into what talents and gifts they can cultivate and give back to the world, as well as relationships and how the deeper unconscious elements of the planets affect ones experience as a whole, personal and inter-generational."

Daniel - Sagittarius

"Hannah is well versed and thorough with her astrology readings. She guided me through the chart in an articulate manner and was able to build up the information to show illuminating connections. I felt she took her time and handled my reading with care. I would highly recommend anyone who wants a chart reading to allow Hannah to be your interpreter of the stars!"

Rachel - Gemini

"Hannah's reading for me was so incredibly spot on! She brought some of my shadows to light that I knew I had, but didn't fully sink in till now, re-watching it a few months later. I love how much I got out of it the first time hearing it and picking up on different information now. There were some great suggestions and reminders for my own self-care that are always welcome reminders and even answers to so many of my questions. Thank you, Hannah!"

Irena - Virgo

"Hannah did such a wonderful job when it comes to reading my astrological chart. Mind-blowing accurate. She answered my questions so well and in great depth. She gave me a lot of good perspectives and insight to think about. Really great food for thought. A great help to remember parts of yourself that you might have forgotten or neglected over time. I would recommend her services to anyone as she is not only amazingly on point in her readings...but also because her energy radiates such a passion for her field and a strong in-depth knowledge."

Anjuli - Taurus

"The reading was great and accurate. I love the way that Hannah is so intuitive and knowledgeable. I have been watching the videos and following her social media for a while now, but the best was getting a personal reading and I do definitely recommend it. Thank you Hannah."

Afsaneh - Leo

"For my first time purchasing a reading from anyone, I'm so glad I decided to come to Hannah for one! It's been over a year I think since I received my reading but I still watch it every so often when I feel like I need to reconnect with myself or meditate on certain personality traits and think about where they may be stemming from. It was so spot on and I resonated deeply. Thank you Hannah!!"

Chenae - Libra

"I have listened to Hannahs' reading many times and each time I could hear new information and reflected more on my thoughts and emotions. I appreciate the details she presented and the many aspects that she touched on based on the solar return chart and weaved in the transits of the nodes. However, it would be helpful if she could mention some timeline within the year on the energies of the stars. Nonetheless, on the whole, I enjoyed the reading and find it useful and reflective of my emotions."

Denise - Capricorn

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for my reading! It was very affirming and enlightening! Thank you for providing the OneDrive version, as well. I look forward to booking more readings with Hannah in the future! I love the way she interprets and shares information!"

Katie - Cancer

"I ordered an inner psychology reading, the reading felt very accurate to my life and was very enlightening to listen to I've watched it back several times and it has helped me be more conscious and aware of my own behaviours and made me feel very validated in the way I do react to the world. I can't wait to order my next reading and I would recommend Hannah's readings to any of my friends looking to get a detailed reading into their own birth charts."

Trinity - Scorpio

"Hannah is the first Western astrologer I have consulted and she has set the bar so high that I am truly impressed, to say the least. Over the past 6 months, I have consulted 10+ Vedic Astrologers, a popular Tarot Card reader, and a couple of psychics to find clarity and answers in my personal life. Given my interest, limited knowledge of Astrology, and experience with consulting so many Astrologers, I can attest that Hannah walks the talk and is truly "electrifying astrology" as she says. The kind of insight, advice, prediction, and reading she does about some past events of your life, your character and personality are eerily accurate. She is invested in the reading and her sincerity shows as she goes into incredible depth to set the context and dig out the answers the client is looking for. She is humble to receive and process long feedback, and answer the follow-up question in detail after further due diligence. Her passion for Astrology and helping her client shines through. And I think she is not only vastly knowledgable but has great intuition because there are limits to knowledge, but the way articulates her reading can only be done by a person who has achieved significant clarity and is deeply intuitive, and probably has some psychic abilities. She is optimistic and reassuring throughout and she has put to rest, my anxieties and has answered all the questions I wasn't finding clear answers to in a long time. Highly, highly recommended and I will come back for future consultations."

Adi Shankar - Leo

"I am extremely grateful for this reading. I feel like Hannah answered my questions very truthfully without sugar-coating, and that is exactly what I was looking for! She was extremely accurate when it comes to my inner and outer self. I feel like all of my life all that I've wanted was to be understood and seen... And maybe that is what initially attracted me to astrology. I understand astrology, and I have been personally trying to study through research, videos, Google... but I struggle with interpreting or seeing the big picture. After watching countless videos on YouTube, her page popped up and I never went back to watching anyone else other than her to learn from. I believe my first video that I watched was the north/south node Aquarius & Leo and I felt like it very much resonated with me. Hannahs' accuracy, delivery, interpretation is a true talent and she has been a true gift in my life. She has taught me a lot, and again... she is absolutely amazing, anddddd I am definitely ordering another reading for next month!"

Stephanie - Cancer

"The reading Hannah gave me was really helpful. It provided answers for my past and guidance for my future, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I learned tons from it, not only about myself but also about astrology in general. That is much appreciated and so is Hannah. And now I have more interest in the teachings of astrology!"

Nolan - Aquarius

"I have had a couple of readings done by Hannah now and I've just requested my 3rd. I discovered Hannah from her YouTube channel and learnt so much about Astrology by watching her video's during lockdown. Hannah is a truly talented Astrologer, there were many things that she spoke about in my readings that were incredibly accurate, every reading I have received from her has given me so much insight and perspective. Hannah's passion for Astrology and attention to detail truly shines through, she speaks with compassion in tandem with logic and translates Astrology in a way that is easy to understand. I am extremely grateful for the hard work, time and energy that Hannah puts into her readings. I would 100% recommend anyone that is interested in Astrology and wants to learn more about their natal chart to request a reading from Hannah and to watch her YouTube channel!"

Jasmine - Gemini

"My experience with Hannah´s reading was beyond my expectations. I appreciate the fact that she went through many aspects of my Birth Chart with much love and honesty. The best part is that she focused a lot on the questions that I had mentioned to her in the beginning and her way of communication is quite simple and full of information. Hannah gave me a rich view of my Chart and helped me emphasize my strength and how to work with my weakness. You can tell that she is passionate about her work...well I would say it is a work of art."

Alba - Aquarius

"The reading that I got from Hannah was very much needed at a critical moment for me. She described me and my life so well, so I was really impressed. The insight that I got is really helping me to go deep in myself, to be aware of my inner voice and to make better conciously decisions. I highly recommend Hannah's work and for sure will purchase other readings in future!"

Ines - Aries