When booking, let Hannah know which areas you would like to focus on whether that be finances, relationships, your personality, your deeper layers, or your purpose etc. Feel free to ask any questions you have about your chart. You can also ask a follow-up question after you receive your reading. 

Progressions and Transits can be explored in all readings (look at what is happening now).

General Chart Reading - let me know if you want to focus on a particular area such as your personality, relationships, career, family or purpose etc.

£140 for 45 minutes - Book Here

Solar Return Reading (Happy Birthday) -  a look at your year ahead such as wealth, relationships, home, work and any other areas you wish to address. Recommended as a birthday gift!

£160 for 1 hour - Book Here

Saturn Return Reading (your maturity process) - obstacles, hardships and challenges will be discussed, as well as your purpose and responsibilities later on in life. Your life lessons will be explored.

£160 for 1 hour - Book Here

Synastry/Composite Chart Readings (relationship readings between you and a lover, friend or child etc) - Juno and Ceres will be discussed. 

£180 for 1 hour - Book Here

A complete head-to-toe analysis of your chart (all houses, planets and asteroids) - Black Moon Lilith and Part of Fortune will be discussed.

£480 for 3 hours - Book Here

You can also request a OneDrive version of your reading. Payments will be processed using PayPal. If you are a returning client you will receive 10% off (this excludes the ask a question reading).

Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before booking.