The Life Path of The Rising Signs: Aries Rising!

An Educational, Interactive & Fun Workshop

Do YOU enjoy learning about astrology? 

Have you looked into your natal chart and seen that you have an Aries Rising?  

This astrology workshop is perfect for you! 

In this workshop, I explain your "Life Path" as I take you on a journey through the 12 houses in your chart! Each house represents a key stage of your development and major areas of your life. We will go over areas such as your upbringing, your relationships, your purpose and so much more. 

But the unique thing about this workshop is that you will be joined by other Aries Risings, and this is an opportunity to interact and gather in one space. This is about getting involved and sharing experiences. You'll discover many fun similarities, as well as a ton of fascinating differences. 

So if you're someone who wishes to take a closer look at your life direction, sign up!

Perfect as a birthday gift! You can gift it to yourself, or if you know of an astrology friend or partner who would love this workshop, you can always treat them! 

The price is £55! Workshop held on June 2nd 2024 at 6 pm BST (I will send you the link).

You must be over 18 to join this course. Some astrology knowledge would be helpful, but not necessary! Come along and be part of the fun!

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